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Identification Data Exchange Center is an operational center that ensures interaction with banks for the exchange of customer data from available sources for carrying out identification procedures.

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Main Goal:


The remote identification mechanism project, led by the National Information Processing Center (NPK) with the participation of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan and several government and financial organizations of Kazakhstan, is designed to enable clients to access financial services remotely. This initiative aligns with the implementation of the state program “Digital Kazakhstan” (Government Resolution of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 12, 2017, No. 827).


The project model envisions remote client identification using biometric indicators and information from government databases. The implementation of a digital identification mechanism will serve as the foundational infrastructure for creating a universal digital environment for interaction between financial institutions and their clients.


Client identification will be conducted through the IDEC based on the NPK, utilizing biometric identification means in accordance with the rules of the “Center for Exchange of Identification Data” system, approved by the order of JSC “NPK NBRK” dated July 29, 2019, No. 47P.


The project will include components aimed at the following tasks:


  • Face image comparison with a specific list.
  • Selection of high-quality face images.
  • Interaction between the components of the software complex.
  • Storage of data containing information on each recognition event.

Key Points about IDEC:


  • The IDEC project is designed for all clients of financial organizations (both new and existing).
  • Clients will interact with financial organizations through their IT solutions (web/mobile). The bank will conduct video interviews and obtain the client’s photo from the best angle and Individual Identification Number (ИИН).
  • IDEC assesses the degree of compliance based on biometric indicators of photo images.
  • Financial organizations independently decide on establishing business relationships with clients based on the results of compliance obtained from IDEC for photo images and data obtained from the “Individuals” State Database (ГБД ФЛ).

IDEC Plans:


  • The remote identification project is built on a platform solution.
  • The proposed mechanism is one of the modules, with plans for future expansion to include additional identification modules (voice, fingerprints, retina, etc.).
  1. Monthly report template for activities in the IDEC Information System.
  2. Letter template for connecting dedicated communication channels (IP VPN).
  3. Letter template for connecting dedicated communication channels (IPSEC).