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The software suite is a multi-tier model that includes a database, a collection of processing processes (application servers), and web services to provide a client interface, based on one or more servers.

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Operating System

The server side of the system operates on HP-UX, an industrial-grade UNIX operating system. The HP-UX multitasking, multi-user operating system provides maximum reliability, 24/7/365 uptime, and extensive scalability. The HP-UX operating system allows you to create clusters of 2 or more nodes.

Database Management System

Прикладное ПО серверной части разработано на основе программных продуктов ORACLE Inc.

The server-side application software is developed based on ORACLE Inc. software products.

ORACLE Database is used as a data repository, which also includes some of the system’s data analysis and processing functionality.

The operation of the Backup Center in constant readiness mode is ensured by data replication to the Backup Center databases with minimal delay. The work on guaranteed data movement is provided by the XP disk array mirroring technology, which guarantees absolute integrity and correctness of data.

Processing of incoming data, their syntax analysis, verification of electronic signature correctness and other logical and computationally complex functions are assigned to specialized application servers.

Application Software

The software of the application subsystems is based on the use of WEB technologies, located on the cluster of payment system servers and on workstations.

Each subsystem has a set of specialized applications that provide all the necessary functions for monitoring, management, reporting, and billing. All applications have a modern user interface.

Specialized software products are used to monitor the uninterrupted and stable operation of all system elements. HP Server Insight Manager is used to monitor the status of servers.

To access the payment system, the User uses specialized software that provides secure guaranteed exchange of payment messages.

All software is integrated with the NPK Certification Center, uses modern means and methods of authentication, authorization and information protection, certified in the Republic of Kazakhstan.