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Interbank Payment Card System


The Interbank Payment Card System is designed to process interbank transactions conducted using payment cards within the territory of Kazakhstan.

The system ensures the security and uninterrupted operation of the payment card market, providing a guarantee for domestic settlements among Kazakhstani banks.

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Development of the system has been carried out in close collaboration with international payment systems such as Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay (hereinafter referred to as IPS), as well as with banks participating in the payment card market.


As part of establishing the Interbank Payment Card System, a local card infrastructure has been built, and the corresponding regulatory framework has been formed. Agreements with IPS have also been concluded to organize the processing of local transactions for payment cards issued by Kazakhstani banks.


Currently, banks that provide payment acceptance services using payment cards are connected to the Interbank Payment Card System. Necessary work has been carried out to redirect the traffic of local card transactions of banks, including adapting bank systems and reconfiguring processes for interaction with international payment systems.