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Hardware and Telecommunications

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Hardware and Telecommunications

Information Network

To use the business application services provided by the National Payment Corporation (NPC) (payment system – PS), SWIFT, FASTI, the mass electronic payment system – SMEP, the retail payment system of the population Avangard Plat, the certification center – UC), users can get access using the capabilities of modern network and communication equipment. In particular, the NPC provides the ability to connect to all NPC services using MPLS IP VPN, Internet technologies, as well as Dial-Up (dial-up access) for PS and UC.

To connect clients, the NPC has points of presence of the following telecommunications service providers: Kazakhtelecom JSC, Kazteleport JSC and ASTEL JSC. The modular design and a wide range of modules used allow to increase the capabilities of network and communication equipment in accordance with the requirements of network development.

The interaction of the main and backup centers of the NPC is organized using high-bandwidth fiber-optic links and using aggregation and automatic redundancy technologies.

Server Platform

The software and hardware complexes of the main and backup centers are based on the hardware platform of high-performance HP Superdome servers and have an identical configuration. The architecture of the complexes has a cluster technology and modern means to ensure reliable operation, including fault tolerance and redundancy mechanisms. The complexes contain monitoring tools that allow for the analysis of risky and critical situations before they occur. Data between the centers is replicated in real time, which ensures minimal losses in case of possible failures.

Data Storage

For long-term data storage, tape libraries are used, which allow organizing flexible data archiving strategies and scenarios, with full automation of the process and error verification. The libraries have various interfaces for data exchange, the throughput of which is up to 4 Tb/h.


JSC “NPC NB RK” provides users of payment and information systems (hereinafter referred to as the User) with the following option for organizing communication channels for receiving and transmitting financial information, reports, etc. using payment and information systems of the NPC:

  1. Organization of a new communication channel to one of the centers of the National Payment Corporation of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter referred to as JSC “NPC NB RK”) is carried out only upon request of the client.
  2. The client works out the technical possibility of connecting to the payment and information systems of JSC “NPC NB RK” together with its provider.
  3. Organization of communication channels using communication cables of providers is subject to mandatory approval by the User with JSC “NPC NB RK” before performing work.
  4. Contact telephone number at JSC “NPK NB RK” for coordination of work: 250-66-70.
  5. JSC “NPC NB RK” has already organized communication channels with the following providers: Kazakhtelecom JSC, Kazteleport JSC, KAR-Tel LLP and ASTEL JSC, located in the main and backup centers of the NPC.
  6. To organize communication channels, the User sends a written request to JSC “NPC NB RK” to the address of the General Director for connecting the User to the payment and information systems of JSC “NPC NB RK” with an indication of the communication provider and connection technology.
  7. Based on the letter from the User, JSC “NPC NB RK” allocates IP addresses for connecting to payment systems, the FASTI information system, the Certification Center, SWIFT and MSPK systems and configures dynamic routing for access to systems using the EBGP protocol. For SWIFT and MSPK systems, cryptographic settings for organizing a Site-to-Site IPSec VPN tunnel using certificates of the NPC Certification Center.
  8. Contact phones for obtaining a pool of IP addresses in JSC “NPC NB RK”: 250-66-47, 250-66-06.