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The Bank Message Transmission System (BMTS) is a system that facilitates the reception and transmission of financial messages through direct correspondent relationships between financial organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation. It also involves the exchange of other messages by connecting to the Financial Message Transmission System (FMTS) of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

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BMTS Functions

  • Integration of the financial market of Kazakhstan with the EAEU countries
  • Facilitation of bilateral message exchange between Kazakhstani BMTS users and financial institutions participating in the FMTS
  • Utilization of SWIFT formats
  • Maintenance of correspondent relationships for both Kazakhstani financial institutions in the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation and Russian institutions in the jurisdiction of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Tariffing for each sent message
  • Registration of Kazakhstani participants in the FMTS directory
  • Distribution of the FMTS directory to Kazakhstani users

Advantages of BMTS compared to direct connection to FMTS:

  • Utilization of an existing communication channel for BMTS connection; no need to acquire an additional dedicated channel with the Russian Federation
  • No requirement to open an account in a Russian bank for the unconditional debit of payment for services
  • Relatively quick connection time to the system
  • Signing of the accession agreement by the NCC in the jurisdiction of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Utilization of cryptographic tools from the NCC, eliminating the need for obtaining Russian
  • Cryptographic Information Protection (CIP) devices
  • Fixed tariffs in tenge

Message exchange scheme between the NCCs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation

Technical Requirements for the Terminal:

To initiate testing in BMTS, the following steps are required:

1) Prepare a workstation with the following specifications:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5 (or higher);
  • RAM: 8 GB (or higher);
  • Hard drive capacity: HDD 500 GB (7200RPM) or SSD (or higher);
  • Screen resolution: 1024×768 and above;
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 8/10

Software: MS .Net Framework 4.7 or higher;

  • Database Management System: MS SQL Server 2008 R2 or higher.

2) Banks need to issue a set of test registration certificates and keys at the Certification Center of the NCC. All necessary information is available on the website https://ca.kisc.kz/info. Send the prepared message/application, following the examples, to supportca@kisc.kz. For additional questions, contact by phone: 8 (727) 250-66-75.
3) Access to the BMTS test environment is through a dedicated communication channel: IP, port 34000. Access through the specified port must be open in both directions.
4) To be included in the BMTS Directory, fill out Annex №4 to the Agreement on the Provision of BMTS Services, available on the NCC website in the “Regulatory Framework” section under “Standard Agreements.”


If interested in connecting to BMTS, please contact:

  • For connection inquiries, call 8 (727) 250-66-75 or email e.noskov@kisc.kz;
  • For general inquiries, call 8 (727) 250-66-26 or email b.adambaev@kisc.kz.